Wholesale CBD Hemp Clones

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Clones provided by Stoney Branch Ag Ventures. Available for local pick up only near Rushville, Illinois. Must be a licensed hemp cultivator.

  • Rooted & Hardened
  • Field Ready
  • 100% Female Hemp Plants
  • Clean Facility, Clean Techniques, Clean Plants

1,000-9,999 clones - $3.50 ea
10,000-19,999 - $3.25 ea
20,000 or more - $3.00 ea


  1. Cherry Wine - Cherry Wine is a popular, high CBD cultivar that has been grown and tested in many states. This Cherry Wine variety was originally sourced from Shi Farms in Colorado. Cherry Wine regularly tests between 12-18% total CBD, while staying compliant with Delta-9 THC limits. Each plant will typically grow between 4-8 feet tall and 4-6 feet in diameter. You can expect large, dense buds with a beautiful nosy structure. This terpene rich cultivar gives off aromas of cherry, gasoline and pepper. Cherry Wine is typically ready for harvest mid-to-late October.

  2. Magic Bullet - Magic Bullet cultivar was also sourced from Shi Farms in Colorado and was field tested in Illinois during the 2019 growing season. This cultivar typically tests between 14-20% total CBD, while remaining under 0.3% Delta-9 THC. Magic Bullet features large, dense and round buds with a skunky, yet fruity aroma. Each plant averages 4-6 feet in height and 5-8 feet in diameter. Magic Bullet will finish its flowering cycle before Cherry Wine, near the middle-to end of October, making it a great option for staggered harvests.